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Let’s start with a more general question: What is a SOCKS protocol? SOCKS (short for faceless socks Socket Secure) is a network protocol for transferring data to the server. It acts on behalf of its user when it sends packets through a firewall via routing traffic of the user to the destination server. To do this, SOCKS uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). It establishes a TCP connection to the destination server and starts the exchange of data packets between the user and the server.

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A major advantage of the SOCKS protocol is its versatility: It can route all types of web traffic created by all types of software or faceless socks protocols. This makes SOCKS proxies the go-to solution for heavy-duty processes like streaming and peer-to-peer sharing. An added benefit is better anonymity: proxies change the user’s IP address, faceless shop which can be used to circumvent geolocation-based restrictions.

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